Jenny Vuong, PhD

scientist & explorer

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I have a background in computer science and biomedical engineering that I acquired at the Technical University of Vienna, and completed my PhD in human perception and 3D vision at University of Reading, United Kingdom. Prior to joining UNSW Sydney as a senior postdoctoral fellow, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Data61, CSIRO and at Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, focusing on visual analytics, data visualisation and the development of web-based tools to visualise and explore large and complex biological data. I also co-organised multiple national and international conferences, as well as supervised students.

Apart from spending my time thinking about how to solve (existing and non-existing) problems in a scientifc way, I like to read science fiction and fantasy books, as well as Japanese literature and the occasional thriller. On some days, I attempt to be sporty by going indoor climbing and bouldering, and try to be musical by playing the piano without really knowing how to read music. When I'm not busy reading stories written by acclaimed authors, I like to write my own.