Specific questions I am interested in:

Question 1: What parameters are important for an observer to perform in this task (e.g. existence of walls, corners of the room, estimate of pointing location, estimate of zone 0 location, angles between boxes, translation distance and rotation angle, etc.)?

Question 2: Is there a systematic bias in shooting directions? If there is a systematic bias in shooting directions, what are the sources of these biases?

Question 3: What strategies are participants using to shoot accurately at the boxes? Are they consistently using the same strategies for all the box layouts? Are all participants using the same strategy?

Question 4: Is it possible to predict performance of each participant on a trial to trial basis?

Question 5: Does the data point to a full 3D-reconstruction or a different approach?

Question 6: Does the shooting location have a great effect on performance?

Question 7: Does body rotation, and hence, orientation at shooting zone have an effect on performance?

Question 8: Do the orientation of the walls in the testing area have an effect on performance? If yes, how does which wall orientation influence the biases?